About Us

We are Christ-focused and Bible based in what we are ultimately trying to do. Our main goal is to restore the church as it was practiced in the 1st Century.  Our fellowship of churches has been described as "a people of the Book."  Our only rule of faith and practice is the Bible.  Where the Bible speaks on essential matters of faith and belief, we listen and strive with everything within us to obey.  

Where the Bible is silent on matters that concern us, we seek to apply  Scriptural common sense and to be as innovative as we can be to  accomplish our goals. 

​We are non-denominational in that we don’t have a distinctive name by which we call ourselves.  We don’t believe we are the only Christians, but we are Christians only.  Our congregation is independent in the sense that we are  self-governing.  However we are also part of a large fellowship of  churches that consists of over 5500 congregations in North America and  more that 2000 missions and missions works worldwide.  

Please visit Our Missions page to see what specific missions we support. 

We are located on the corner of 7th street and Rock Island Ave in Lone Wolf, OK.  To get to us from elsewhere in Kiowa County Oklahoma you travel through Lone Wolf on Highway 9 or Main Street and turn at the post office (Rock Island Ave) and go two blocks South.

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